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The Herbal Dispensary Green Teas

Why should you drink green tea?
You‘ve heard of green tea, right, but should you really ditch the coffee, hot chocolates and start drinking green tea?
Well the short answer is yes, you should at least ditch some of the coffee and substitute green tea at least one cup per day, ideally  at least three cups per day to get a beneficial effect.
There is so much research on the benefits of green tea, highlighted below are some of the key points
Green tea may be beneficial for
Helping lowering cholesterol    Lowering high blood pressure    Aiding digestion    Reducing halitosis (bad breath)   Reducing tooth cavities    Providing  flavonoids & anti-oxidants    Decrease the incidence of cancer   Fight viruses & bacteria    Induce thermogenesis-stimulate fat oxidation   Boost your metabolic rate

Green tea also contains Vitamins B, C & E, and a small amount of caffeine and tannin.

We have chosen a fine selection of traditional green teas and an assortment of flavoured green teas. The flavoured green teas are all made with Chinese Green Sencha tea as a base, and may be flavoured with fruit peels, flowers and spices.

All green teas are 100gms provided in a re-resealable brown paper bag
If you would like larger quantities please contact us
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