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Perfect for cooler months.
Lotus Flower Tea Set
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The sacred lotus flower (Nelumbo Nucifera)
is a symbol of healing, purity and beauty with cultural, traditional and religious significance

The sweet scented Lotus flower keeps the day's high temperature locked in overnight when it closes at dusk, just to be able to spread its perfume to when it opens again at dawn. It is this sweet perfume that gives the whole flower tea its unique flavour. 

The lotus flowers make a beautiful golden tea which has a noticeable calming & refreshing effect, it has a clean, crisp floral scent, tasting slightly sweet, with a vanilla & anise undertone providing a pleasant aftertaste.  
Store in a dry, cool place.The whole dried flowers have a shelf life of 18 months.
  • Hand picked 
  • Dried naturally 
  • Calming and refreshing qualities 
  • Soft and slightly sweet, with vanilla and anise undertones 
  • Vacuum packed containing two flowers per pack

Tea making instructions
Infusion time: 3 minutes.
You can save the flower for re-use up to 3 times.
Steeping time depends on the size of the teapot and how many infusions have already been done.
Pre heat the teapot and tea cups
Pour hot water in the teapot - 85° to 90° Celsius
Adding water of a higher temperature might result in a bitter taste.
We recommend you experiment with brewing your lotus flower tea, to discover your personal favourite taste.

What you get
Tea Set
  • 350ml teapot 
  • 6 tea cups of 50ml each
  • 1 tea warmer; all Borosilicate glass
  • Vacuum packed containing two flowers per pack
Tea set $99.00 on its own with flowers $108.60

Lotus Flower Tea Set

Sacred Health Promoting
NZ $108.60

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