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Pacific Harvest Lemon Kelp 50gm
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Our Kelp granules are also available as a naturally flavoured range. The granules are mixed with natural extracts, dried pieces and extract of the flavouring fruit/vegetable (lemon,garlic, chilli & lime) plus various herbs and spices.

Our seasonings also contain some salt and sugar which we try hard to keep to a minimum. We must have them as a carrier for the natural extracts.

Smoked Kelp is 100% kelp smoked in a traditional smoker with manuka wood (NZ native tea tree)

This range of seasoning can be used with everything: fish, seafood, meat, poultry, vegetales, rice. pasta, dips...and more. Salt is not required when using them as they taste salty naturally with less sodium than salt !

There are many varieties of kelp in New Zealand and around the world, saying 'kelp' is like saying 'apple'. Japanese Kombu is a kelp that is mostly presented as a strip used to make dashi, a broth that serves as a base for many soups. Pacific Harvest chose Ecklonia radiata, a type of NZ Kelp recognized for its mild flavour and speckled colour. Our kelp comes from various untouched areas around the country, mainly the Bay of Plenty and Waiarapa. It is a seaweed that grows deep under water. Because Kelp is not allowed to be cut from the wild natural supplies in New Zealand, it is collected by hand during storms when it is detached from the kelp forest.

50gm jar

Pacific Harvest Lemon Kelp 50gm

Pacific Harvest
NZ $14.50

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