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Pacific Harvest Karengo Granules 35gm
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Karengo granules are made to be used as a seasoning or salt alternative on a variety of dishes. It is fantastic to season broths, fish and seafood, sandwiches, vegetables and even popcorn or smoothies !

‘Karengo is a sea vegetable from the Porphyra family, a cousin of Japanese nori. It is hand-harvested sustainably from the rocky shores of the South Island of New Zealand. It grows in the intertidal area and comes to maturity during the winter for about 2 months. Its purplish color is characteristic of the Pacific, the Atlantic varieties are greener. During harvest, Karengo is rinsed in clean sea water to rid it of most debris, then dried by the natural action of the sun and wind. It is then cleaned again by hand before packing. Karengo preserves itself naturally, nothing is added; its natural goodness will last for many years if stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.’

35 gm jar

Pacific Harvest Karengo Granules 35gm

Pacific Harvest
NZ $14.50

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