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Individual Consultation

A consultation with one of our qualified staff is an opportunity to focus on your health and well-being in a caring, supportive environment. As practitioners we discuss with you your existing and previous health conditions. How your work and home life balance may be helping or affecting your health. We will also help guide you in diet and lifestyle choices.
We really do care about you and will work with absolute commitment to make sure you have the best experience and results with herbal medicine and natural health-care possible.
If you would like to talk us, before booking please give one of our team a call on 07 825 7444.

You can prepay for a consultation for yourself a friend or family member.

Please include 2 ways of contacting you so we can confirm your appointment time

This is a full consultation with one of our fully qualified staff: Bronwyn, Alena or Emma. 

What you get from a consult:
  • our full attention for an hour, this allows the space and time to totally focus on you
  • a detailed review of your health, with follow up protocols as appropriate
  •  a zinc test  
  • blood pressure test
  • assessment of your tongue and nails
  • help with your diet, we can help you understand the wealth of information out there and work out which is best way for you to improve your health with foods
  • exercise and lifestyle suggestions
  • we can refer you for more testing, or have  various testing options in-clinic 
  • a collaborative approach with you other health providers as required
  • At the conclusion of your consult you will leave with an individual prescription which may include herbs, nutritional supplements, bach flowers and other natural therapies as indicated
  • Ongoing follow up and support as you go through your journey with your health and natural health
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