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Natural First Aid Kits

Thinking of warm holidays in tropical places? Along with the warmth and extra Vitamin D from the sunshine come a whole host of other things: insect bites, tummy bugs and sunburn to name a few.
So go prepared with a natural first aid kit. These are some products that I thing are essential to have on hand in your kit:

  • Healing Blend Cream: To put on any minor cuts and grazes to help them heal. It has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and healing properties, a staple in any first aid kit.
  • Wound repair: An ointment that can be put on deeper wounds. It is made from sesame oil and other herbal extracts and won’t sting if put on open wounds. It can help with skin cell regeneration, reduce scarring while providing strong anti-bacterial properties.
  • Insect repellent ointment: Pure essential oils in a natural carrier oil to deter mosquitos, sand flies and other biting insects. Can also be used to soothe bites.
  • Chickweed Gel: A cooling cream than can help ease the inflammation of sunburn and relieve hot, itchy conditions such as insect bites and jelly fish stings.
  • Arnica and comfrey cream: To put on any bumps, bruises and strains. Arnica has an affinity for the blood vessels helping them heal so is useful for bruising and comfrey, or ‘knitbone’ can help ligaments, tendons and bones mend.
  • Natural sunscreen and/or zinc
  • Aloe Vera Gel or a light, soothing cream to put on after being in the sun all day. Astazan, an antioxidant, has also been shown to help reduce the harmful effects of UV radiation.
  • Probiotics: to take in case of tummy upsets.
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