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Why are you craving chocolate?

Why are you craving chocolate?

Before the guilt creeps in for the over indulgence of chocolate this Easter weekend, let me fill you in on the benefits of Cacao. Cacao has been shown to improve cognitive function, including short and long-term memory and mental fatigue. So, now that you’re feeling better about having one too many pieces of chocolate leading up to Easter, let me inform you some more. Did you know, when you consume chocolate, dopamine (also known as the love drug), is released. The release of dopamine gives us that ‘euphoria’ moment when we fall in love or that feeling you get when you do something that gives you pleasure. Dopamine also gives us a sense of reward, and in turn can influence our memories! Stress is known to deplete dopamine, which can make us feel flat and unmotivated, hence why we crave chocolate when we are stressed. Pretty cool huh?

Other reasons for craving chocolate is a deficiency of chocolate, oh wait, I mean Magnesium! Chocolate cravings have been linked to deficiencies of magnesium, although there are foods with higher magnesium content (such a nuts), it is said that the chocolate craving also links back to the release of dopamine, and that happy feeling you get when you eat chocolate.

We have a good range of chocolate in store, with vegan, gluten free and dairy free chocolate options available.

So my advice – eat chocolate this Easter weekend, enjoy it with family, and if you over indulge… its good for you anyway, right?

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