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Sneezing & Streaming

Allergic Rhinitis (hayfever) is characterised by nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, itching of the nose, conjunctivitis, nasal polyps, and/or post-nasal drainage. It affects 1 in 5 people in Australia and New Zealand and we are reported to have among the highest levels of allergic diseases in the developed world. People tend to suffer from seasonal hayfever more at this time of year due to the increase of plant pollens and grass, however allergens such as animal skin, and saliva, house dust mites, moulds and foods cause perennial hay fever.

 Complementary medicines recognises additional factors which contribute to the severity of the symptoms, including food allergies and intolerances, trans fatty acid consumption, stress, nutritional status, mucous membrane health and general health.

So what can you do to help with symptoms?

Come and talk to our qualified staff about the following:

  •  A new practitioner only product instore called Allergy Guard. It is a combination of herbs which has been clinically trialled to reduce symptoms of sneezing, nasal congestion, runny and itchy nose and eyes.
  • Vitamin C. Low levels of vitamin C have been associated with increased blood histamine levels.
  • Our hayfever tonic- specially made in store, a combination of herbs that modulate the release of histamine and give symptomatic relief.


  • Decrease your trans fatty acid consumption. Trans fatty acids are found in baked goods such as cookies, cakes, crackers and pie crusts, fried food and margarine.
  • Address stress and nutritional status with herbs and supplements
  • Avoid known problematic food.
  • Address gut and respiratory tract health