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Organic Fruit & Vegetable boxes

Organic fruit and vegetable boxes

Thank you for you interest in our Organic fruit and vegetable boxes.

We have included some further information about our philosophy here at The Herbal Dispensary along with information about the produce that goes into your weekly fruit and vegetable box.

Food miles:
Where possible we source our produce locally: an example of this is the Kaiwhenua organic products  that are grown right here in Raglan.


We have relationships with our growers, which means we can deal direct with them, supporting them means you as our customer gets the freshest possible produce.


We use the least amount of packaging possible and encourage our customers to return their boxes so that we can re-use them. We have always offered our customers paper bags, which they love to reuse!


Here at The Herbal Dispensary we grow herbs in season that are available for fresh picking to our customers - we can also pop these in your box. Our herb garden is also a great environment to learn more about herbs and as an added bonus the bees and butterflies love it.


Within the garden we have a compost system which takes care of a large amount of our waste.  We actively recycle all our cardboard, bottles and paper.


We prefer that you pay by direct credit, see details attached, most customers find it easiest to set up a weekly payment equal to the dollar amount of their box. We can also send invoices once you have become a regular customer. This is helpful if you wish to add extras to your box or change the amount from time to time.


Your support counts, by supporting this organic vegetable and fruit  delivery system you are supporting the organic growers in New Zealand, helping to create a healthier environment for us all.

To see what produce we have available, click here

Kind Regards The Herbal Dispensary Team