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Perfect for cooler months.

Nature's own super food

Have you seen the chefs using microgreens and wondered how to grow them?
Well  they are incredibly easy to grow.
Microgreens - are the seedlings of herbs and vegetables that are picked when small. They are larger than a sprout and smaller that a full grown plant.
Microgreens are grown in soil and could be grown in your garden or in a container. The beauty of microgreens is that they can be grown all year round, giving a continuous supply of salad greens and microgreens
They are easily grown in a tray or an old garden pot, any container will do, as long as it has some drainage holes.
Just get yourself some organic potting mix some seeds and get growing.
It is important to make sure that your soil is flat before putting the seeds in to allow for good drainage and then cover the seeds lightly with more soil. Water lightly, you can then cover your tray with some newspaper or similar until the seeds sprout. From then on water as needed depending on the climate and pick when ready.
Microgreens are ready for picking in 1 -2 weeks depending on the variety you are growing.

Fiji Feathers
A good reliable one to start with is fiji feathers.
Fiji feathers taste just like a fresh pea and only take about 7 days until picking. A great one to start with the kids!
We have a huge range of microgreen and sprout seeds instore.

If you would rather not grow your own, we have locally grown "Soul Food Farms" Microgreens in store, (depending on availability).