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Meet our Naturopath & Medical Herbalist - Ella

ellaMeet Our New Herbalist

Introducing Ella Stewart, one of our Medical Herbalist and Naturopaths at the Herbal Dispensary. Having had numerous different health concerns as a teen ager, Ella discovered natural medicine, to which she fell in love! Ella has completed a Bachelor of Natural Medicine at the South Pacific College of Natural Medicine in Auckland. She travelled for three years from Te Awamutu to Ellerslie to complete her degree. Having graduated in December 2016, Ella decided to take a gap year, to pursue her passion of skincare.

Ella is passionate about natural medicine with a keen interest in the manufacturing of natural skincare with the inclusion of herbal medicine. She loves the creative process of formulating the perfect recipe and being able to take it from paper to the test phase, and from there choosing a name, matching it with the perfect label, and finally through to the sale phase. Ella is able to specifically formulate creams and ointments specific to your skin condition, if you cannot find what you’re looking for within our range.

Ella travels into Raglan everyday from her hometown of Te Awamutu to join the rest of the team at The Herbal Dispensary. She remembers spending a lot of time in Raglan growing up at her family Bach, coming back to Raglan was like a beautiful walk down memory lane.

Ella is also taking on new clients for Naturopathic appointments here at our Nourish Clinic at the Herbal Dispensary and is available for dispensing of our herbal tincture range. Within a clinical situation, Ella loves being able to get to know her clients, and being able to provide individualised treatments for their specific needs.