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Maca- Incan Superfood

Maca, a dehydrated root vegetable, has been used for over 10 000 years, as an integral part of the diet and commerce of the high Andes regions. So powerful was this food, that the Incas restricted its use to their Royalty’s court! Peruvian medical doctors, in particular, regard Maca not only as a highly nutritious food, but also as a potent medicinal substance.

Maca contains essential alkaloids which help promote the health of the endocrine system. The hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid, adrenal glands, ovaries in women and testes in men all form part of this delicate system. Maca has shown to improve hormonal imbalances in both sexes.

In women it may help with:
  • Hot flushes
  • Tender breasts
  • Emotional upsets
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Period problems
  • PMS
  • Osteoporosis

In men it may help with:
Low libido

The effects of this root reach far beyond just the hormonal system though. Maca can be used daily as a general tonic to help with overall vitality.

Maca is available in both powder and capsule form. The powder, pleasant tasting and yellow in colour, can be added to your favourite smoothie or juice. A tablespoon a day is more than enough.

The capsules, on the other hand, can be taken throughout the day. Very handy when you have a mid afternoon dip in energy levels and a lot healthier than a coffee or sugary snack!
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