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Juicing - what do we think?

Juicing – What do we think?
We think juicing is a good addition to the diet, however it should not be seen as a meal replacement, Juicing certainly has its place though, particularly if the ingredients used for the juice are fresh and organic! It is important to remember that you are drinking a drink that is concentrated, therefore if you are juicing non organic fruit and vegetables you may be increasing your exposure to sprays and chemicals that are used in the growing and processing of the produce.
Our tips would be to vary the ingredients of your juice – a good base is carrots, apples, beetroot and ginger, this juice is generally thought of as a juice that supports liver function and digestion.
Kale is a popular ingredient in juicing at the moment, for the green type of juice, lettuce, cucumber, capsicum, celery, herbs such as parsley, coriander, borage, chickweed and dandelion leaves could also be added.
To make your juice more of a meal add in green powders such as spirulina, barley grass and wheat grass.
Adding such things as chia seeds, flax seeds or a protein powder is also another way to create more of a ‘food drink’
Here at The Herbal Dispensary we add in liquid herbs such as Echinacea and also vitamin C for an immune boost
Other fruits we commonly juice are pears – creates a lovely thick juice, kiwifruit, gives a good tang, Orange juice and or tangelo – gives a sweet base, we just about always add ginger, as ginger is warming to the digestive tract it - aids digestion and can also help reduce issues with bloating and or flatulence
Lemon is also a good addition both for a flavor zing and again to aid the digestive process
It’s important to remember that juices are generally low in fibre so an effort must be made to also eat fruit and vegetables in their ‘whole’ form to ensure enough fibre is in the diet