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Insect Repellent - What to use? How to stop itching?

Insect Repellent – What to use? How to stop itching?

Insect repellent and how to repel bugs has been very topical at the Herbal Dispensary over summer, with locals and tourists running in wanting relief from the persistent bugs! Many people have asked our Naturopaths for their opinions on the best way to repel them, and what to do after you get bitten.

We’ll start with repelling:

Citronella works by masking the scent that attracts insects to humans. Citronella is a great repellent due to it being natural and non-toxic to humans and animals, which means it is a fantastic alternative for the family! We have three different citronella options instore.

  1. Candles: Which can be used indoor or outdoors. The candles help to emit the citronella scent, which in turn reduces the number of flying insects in the area.
  2. Essential oil: This can be turned into a repellent by adding it to a witch hazel base or use above an oil burner to emit the citronella scent.
  3. Incense sticks: Which are used exclusively out doors to emit to scent. These can be placed further out around your back lawn to deter insects from joining in on the party!

How do I stop the itching?

Great question! Here at the herbal dispensary we have a specially formulated gel for itching, by the name of Chickweed Gel. This cooling blend contains plant extracts that help to soothe, cool and reduce itching. It can also be used on eczema, bits and mild burns.