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Perfect for cooler months.

Getting the Garden going...

With the warm weather and plenty of rain, it is a great time to make a start on the garden. If you are a first time gardener, here are a few tips to get you started.

Planting from seed is a very economical way to grow a garden and as long as you have some good seed raising mix, is pretty easy. Eggs trays make great seedling trays and allow you to grow the seedling until they are a good size before you need to transplant them.

Using seedlings gets the garden going very quickly but making sure the soil is in good condition before planting out is very important. So, mix plenty of organic compost through the soil along with some fertilizer before planting.

Feeding the young plant throughout the season is a must. Fertilizers, animal manure, mulch, liquid seaweed and compost should be used on the garden regularly and should be well watered into the soil. A comfrey leaf brew makes a great fertilizer and contains a good amount on nitrogen which is great for the soil.

Watering! We seem to be getting plenty of rain at the moment but as the summer goes on and the ground dries out, knowing when to water is very handy to know. Watering first thing in the morning before the sun gets too hot is the most ideal time to water. If you wait until later in the day the hot sun with evaporate a lot of the water before it has time to soak down to the plant roots. Watering in the evening gives time for the water to soak in but leaves the leaves of the plants wet overnight which can lead to mildew growing.

For more tips, plants, seedlings and gardening supplies come down and see the team at the Herbal Dispensary. Happy gardening!