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First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand

First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand

• Transform your attitude - change your life
• Moving beyond pain & healing life's hurts
• Balance, strengthen and protect the body's vital energy centres
• Restoring the master pattern for living
• Enhance life's experiences - live life consciously

Flower essences can assist with most life situations including: Motivation - Confidence - Study -Work - Career - Emotional support - Relationships - Eating imbalances - Life purpose –Weight management - Concentration – Focus - Self esteem  - Personal growth – Communication- Breaking habits - Creativity - Body image – Parenting.
Each person is a unique individual and will experience the essences differently. Some people experience rapid and dramatic shifts or changes. Others may be aware of the inner changes taking place at a more subtle level. What is generally most noticeable is a feeling of wellbeing, of feeling calmer, clearer or lighter.  

Flower essences are safe for all the family and can be used successfully by adults, children, pets, animals.

If you would like more information on flower essences, or would like some flower essences made up for you please contact us.