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Enzymes for Energy!

Why do I feel tired after eating instead of energized?

Enzymes are magic molecules that catalyze biochemical reactions in every cell of the body. Our body produces enzymes to break down the food we eat, so that it can be absorbed and converted into energy. These processes all involve enzymes. Enzymes are heat sensitive and are destroyed at temperatures over 40 degrees celsius. When we eat cooked food our body uses (loses) energy in order to digest food. When we eat raw food, our body retains and gains energy because raw foods naturally contain the enzymes needed for digestion. So instead of using all its energy into digesting food, the body can carry on creating energy for you to function optimally all day long!

Enzymes are found naturally in all raw foods, concentrated amounts are found in papaya, pineapple and kiwifruit. To start, simply sprinkle a handful of sprouts on cooked stew or for those enthusiastic raw foodies try the following recipe:

Almond Halvah
1 cup raw tahini
¾ cup agave nectar
¾ cup raw whole almonds, coarsely ground in a food processor
¾ cup raw almonds, finely ground in a food processor

~In a mixing bowl, combine the tahini, agave nectar, and coarsely ground almonds - mix thoroughly.
~Press the halvah into a glass baking dish or roll into bite size balls.
~Coat with finely ground almonds. Cover and store in the freezer.
~Serve thoroughly chilled, right out of the freezer.

(*Recipe from Rawvolution by Matt Amsden)

To make life easy, we've sourced and put together an exciting range of raw foods, including Little Bird – our range of  raw, organic, gluten free, sugar free, soy free and vegan goodness…

~Superfood Salad Clusters
~Vanilla and Almond Macaroons
~Cacao and Raspberry Macaroons
~Passionfruit and Macadamia Macaroons
~Fig and Ginger Grawnola
Enjoy !
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