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Cuts, wounds and Burns...

For any cut, scrape, burn, sea ulcer or slow healing skin wound read on to find out the best and quickest way to heal.


Last week I tripped on an unstable rock while navigating my way out of the surf at low tide Manu Bay and cheese grated the sole of my foot. A very annoying and painful place to lose a bit of skin. Wanting it to heal as quickly as possible I used the following:

Mebo wound repair ointment-a preparation of Chinese medicinal plants and Sesame seed extract. It helps the body’s own immune defence to fight infection, assists the affected area to liquefy dead tissue, encourages stem cell regeneration for the growth of new skin, and helps minimise scarring.

Alternatively, use Comvita wound gel made with Manuka honey.

Vitamin C powder- important for collagen regeneration and to support the immune system.

Echinacea- helps promote healing and increases body’s own defences to fight infection.

Zinc- important for wound healing.


Mebo burn repair cream- helps clear away toxic material, promotes the natural repair and regeneration of new skin and provides a cooling and soothing effect on the skin. Scientifically developed, this product is used in over 20,000 hospitals worldwide. Made from botanical extracts and GE Free.

Also keep the wound clean, well dressed and wear appropriate footwear (or at least something!) to prevent infection.

Depending on your injury you may also benefit from taking other herbs or supplements, so come into The Herbal Dispensary to speak to one of our qualified medical herbalists.