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Back to school Herbal Remedies

Back to School Herbal Remedies

Summer holidays are ending and it’s time to go back to school. While for parents, this may come as a welcome relief from the constant noise and busyness of having a house full of kids, for the children themselves this can be a nervous and exciting time. Settling into that first week can be stressful for both parent and child.

Here are some herbs and supplements to help get them through:

Withania: A gentle nervous and stress tonic with nutritive properties, especially indicated for the underweight and/or low immunity child.

Chamomile: Is a classis herbal remedy for the restlessness and nervous irritability of a child. Can be used in a tonic or a tea at night to promote restful sleep.

Echinacea: If your child is susceptible to picking up infections, small doses of Echinacea daily can help build the immune system ready for the onslaught of new bugs that they will be exposed to.

Healing Blend Cream: Great for playground cuts and grazes, itchy bites that may be starting to get infected or any other schoolyard ailments.

Bach flowers:

Walnut – For times of change. The start of a school year can bring a lot of “new” which can be quite unsettling. Walnut helps to protect and ease into new situations.

It can all be frightening and contribute to the back to school jitters. The calming and reassuring properties of mimulus are always welcome in these situations.

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