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Bach Flowers

Bach Flower remedies for Stress
While Christmas is associated with holidays, families and relaxation for some, for other people it can be a time of year when stress levels increase.
For some a sense of urgency starts to appear, creating stress and anxiety, which can lead to feeling overwhelmed, tired and unmotivated
If you recognise this picture for yourself or for family members Bach Flower remedies may help.
Bach Flower remedies are simple and safe remedies, which can be given to any age, they are safe with any medications or health conditions and are very affordable. There are 32 flower remedies in the system.
Rescue Remedy is well known and is a blend of five of the Bach Flowers. Rescue remedy mix was created to deal with emergencies and crises, any stressful situation, from last-minute exam or interview nerves, to the aftermath of an accident or bad news. It is a great one to have on hand for children after a fall or bump etc.
You can use the traditional rescue remedy drops/sprays or pastilles any time that you need support. This is a handy remedy to carry with you and have in your first aid kit.
The 38 remedies may be used individually or in combination. (Usually up to 8 in a bottle) We can prescribe and blend individual remedies for you and your family. If you prefer to select you own we can also help you with this, and have a handy question sheet to get you started. 

Why would you use a remedy?
Reasons for using Bach Flowers are many but could include: fear, anxiety, mind chatter, insomnia, changing a pattern of behaviour, motivation, concentration, sadness, grief, homesickness, moving.

If you are interested in supporting yourself or others with Bach Flowers email us for individual assistance