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Are you Travelling?

Are you travelling?
As we all look forward to holidays, it is a good idea to re-organize your first aid kit, or if you don’t have one get one organized.
We have a few suggested a few products that you could include in yours below.
Burn cream: A really good cream that we have used both on serious burns and also sunburn is Mebo Burn Cream, it is extremely soothing and healing, this cream is also used in hospitals and has undergone many clinical trials.
First aid cream: Our Healing blend cream has been a favourite with our customers for the last 15 years, it really is a multi-purpose cream that can be used on minor scratches, surf cuts, wounds, eczema and insect bites for example.
Digestive support: in case of a stomach upset, koromiko drops work extremely well.
Insect repellent: A must for any summer holiday, make sure you have some before you need it! We often see people in the shop who are driven mad with itchy bites.
Insect bites
If you do get bitten ! use chickweed and or plantain cream/ointments work well.
Also the mebo anti-itch cream is good.