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Anxiety - it is possible to find healing and peace from anxiety!

With the holidays coming up, we are all feeling those pressures and anxieties from friends, family and work teams alike. Beyond just the holiday season, anxiety can come anytime and anywhere. It ranges from restlessness and nervousness to social fears to extreme stress that seems to take over our whole lives. And, the truth is anxiety can affect our entire body. It can cause mystery illnesses or symptoms in our digestive system, or anywhere. But how? Well, ever hear that mind body and spirit are connected? Well, this could not be truer. For example, our nervous and digestive systems are connected by nerves (a reason why food can make us feel so happy and anxiety can cause digestive upset). Anxiety in general can weaken the immune system and allow for pathogens to enter and reap havoc. One of the worst parts of anxiety is that far too many people are told that anxiety is behind their physical health problems or they should learn to control it and “just relax.” But sometimes it is not a matter of control, but more a matter of finding why our bodies cannot handle the anxiety.

So how does the brain work?
Well, electrical impulses run through the brain with every thought and feeling we get. So, imagine what happens when we have stress? It’s like fire to an electrical circuit. They get overworked and overpowered. They need full power and focus to get your body through it all. Now imagine your brain is blocked by heavy metals or inflammation? Those electrical circuits are no longer getting the message to work hard and quickly. This is when anxiety and depression can take full storm.

Reasons for anxiety can stem from so many different sources, such as viral or heavy metal overload in the body to intestinal or brain inflammation to emotional traumas to even just everyday anxiety that causes adrenal fatigue. So why do we get these? Well, if you have other physical symptoms along with anxiety, maybe its Epstein-Barr Virus. This virus allows for neurotoxins to saturate and inflame the brain’s vagus nerve. Or what about if we have gut or brain inflammation? Remember when we mentioned our organs being connected by nerves? Well, systems and organs talk to each other and try to tell the others to signal that something is wrong, thus allowing for anxiety to appear. Emotional trauma can be the most challenging kind of anxiety to come because its anxiety that causes PTSD from an outside source, which causes the phrenic nerves in our chests to overwork. Even, separate anxious periods can trigger off bursts of adrenaline, which release neurotoxins that drown the body in hormones and exhaustion. This adrenaline damage comes when the blood stream fills with battery-like acid and wears down the nerves. So, these little storms of electrical currents can burn up areas of the brain, causing problems and shorting out neurons.

I know this may seem overwhelming, but it is possible to find healing and peace from anxiety! Do not give up, know there are answers and remember it is never your fault. Bottling it up will only make anxiety worse, so make sure to release your mind and have compassion with yourself. Please feel free to come speak to one of our qualified medical herbalists in the Herbal Dispensary for any questions or concerns about your health.