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Acchoo! Seasonal allergies - what can help?

There is nothing lovelier than coming out of our winter cocoons and experiencing the zest of life as spring blooms and blossoms around us. And as much as we love those flowers and trees coming alive, our seasonal allergies start to rear their ugly noses along with them.

An allergy is a sensitive reaction to a substance in the environment. Allergens are individualistic, but the most common are flowers, tree pollen, dust, food, and household pets. Some common, mild reactions appear as hay fever, itching, rash, runny nose, wheezing, itchy eyes, swollen nasal passages, and joint pains. We get these because the body reacts from the release of a chemical called histamine into the bloodstream.

For a medical herbalist or naturopath, we lean towards natural products and herbs to help combat reactions and symptoms. If you have severe seasonal allergies, try to eliminate wheat, dairy, eggs, canola oil, soy, and corn from your diet. Lastly, it’s important to combat seasonal allergies with anti-cattarhal, anti-inflammatory, and anti-allergy herbs and supplements to ease symptoms.

Helpful Herbs:

- Nettle

- Albizzia

- Eyebright

- Baical Skullcap

- Garlic

- Elderflower/berry

- Goldenrod

Helpful Supplements:

- Bromelain

- Quercetin

- Go Healthy Go Allergy Support

- Welda Hay Fever and Allergy Drops/Spray

- Herbal Dispensary Hay Fever Formula

- Herbal dispensary Allergy Formula

- Raw local honey

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