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Absolute Essentials // Certified organic - why we love them!

Absolute Essential | Certified Organic Essential Oils.

Here at the Herbal Dispensary, we are proud to be new stockists of Absolute Essentials; a New Zealand Made company that embrace the bounty of Aotearoa and believe in protecting our beautiful environment with sustainable business practices.

Why we like this brand:

  • New Zealand Made, Natural, Plant Based, Organic, Fair Trade and Cruelty Free.
  • Absolutely NO: Petrochemicals, parabens, pesticides, industrial giants and animal testing.

Absolute Essentials offer a wide range of products, from essential oils to carrier oils and creams.

Our top 4 Essential Oil Blends are:

  • Stress less –A natural support in times of tension and pressure, to support natural calm and mental quiet. Use with a balance of healthy exercise and gentle, deep breathing to promote sustainable energy and to help combat stress.
  • Twinkle Star – This goodnight kiss comes wrapped in softly scented tranquillity that encourages sweet dreams and restful sleep. It promotes easy breathing to guard against broken sleep and may be useful for settling children after bad dreams.
  • Immune Plus – This blend is designed to support healthy immune functioning and may be especially helpful during winter when you want extra ammunition against common ills and chills. It assists the body's natural processes of recovery to help you get you back to health safely and quickly.
  • Breathe Easy –  Coughs and congestion can be debilitating and inhibiting and Breathe Easy is a formulation that supports effective mucus expulsion and clear breathing with deep penetrating, healing qualities including antiseptic, expectorant and antispasmodic properties.

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