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Over the years that The Herbal Dispensary has been open we have received many positive comments and feedback.  People love to come and tell us about their success with natural health remedies and natural skincare products.  We haven't actively collected these testimonials up until now, so if you have a product that you have used and had fantastic results with please tell us, so we can share the knowledge!.  While we know how effective our products are it is great to get your feedback.

Bronwyn has changed the quality of my life from one of regular discomfort
and pain, to one where my life is no longer ruled by those factors.
Using her experienced knowledge, Bronwyn addressed both problems
with care and empathy, adjusting my script where necessary as my body
reacted positively. 
I fully recommend Bronwyn as a Medical Herbalist, in particular to those 
who have found the usual medical solutions to be unsatisfactory and to 
those looking for a healthier option.

M Campbell

I contacted Bronwyn at the Raglan Herbal Dispensary in early December 2016 looking for help in sorting a severe chronic eczema outbreak. I am 48 and have suffered from eczema all my life, it became more severe in my adult years. Today's modern medicine was not helping me, so I turned to natural remedies. I had managed to get in under control when I was about 35 but as menopause set in over the last 3 years I found it started getting worse over time.
When I contacted Bronwyn I was not in a good place with the eczema covering most of my body, I was very unhappy. She was great! We discussed my diet, exercise and stress levels etc. Bronwyn then made up a Herbal Tonic specifically for my skin and prescribed a few other things which would help.
I saw Bronwyn again a month later, my skin was just starting to calm down. She added another component to my Herbal Tonic and took a hair sample for analysis. During the month that followed my skin continued to improve. The hair analysis indicated foods etc which I am intolerant to, which Bronwyn then helped me understand how often I could consume these food items and suggested substitute foods.
Each time I went to see Bronwyn she followed up my visit with an email outlining what we had discussed.
After only 4 visits to Bronwyn the eczema had reduced remarkably. We were both amazed, Bronwyn had thought when I first went to see her that it would take us about a year to get to where I am today.
Thank you Bronwyn, you truly are an amazing lady!
Marilyn Fearns

"Bronwyn has really helped me with some long term health issues at a time when I felt that I was going round in ever decreasing circles, having tried various diets, supplements and prescription drugs. With a herbal tonic, a few supplements and some simple lifestyle changes I feel that I am making great progress. I have found Bronwyn to be very professional, friendly and easy to talk to. Providing easy to follow prescriptions and suggestions for lifestyle changes. I am looking forward to my next step into a healthier me"
Sue Dawson

"Thank you so much guys!  The brush was with us less than 24 hours after we ordered - wonderful service and very much appreciated!!"
- Anna

"Thank you so much for getting this out so quickly. I can't believe it arrived today.
Fantastic customer service!"

"After being on herbal medicine for 1 month I have lost weight and have more energy than ever" 
- Maureen

"I just have to tell you after one day of using your herbal blend cream my face has cleared"
- Rebecca

"Using the weleda sleep drops gives me a much better sleep and I seem to sleep deeper"
- Lloyd

"The Lavandula Compound tablets that you prescribed have worked a treat, I used to wake in the night worrying about things and now I sleep through"
- Geoff

"I love using the ecover products at home, I don't react to them like I used to when using other household products, and the limescale remover is the best for cleansing the shower"
- Paul

"Womens Blend Tui Balm is fantastic for my period pain, within half an hour of applying it gets rid of my period pain, it is amazing"
- Angela

"I have come in to buy a large pot of your healing blend cream, after trying a small pot for my daughter, she finds it the best thing to use at night time for her acne"
- Sandra

"I'm stoked to see Burt's Bees is now available in NZ, my sister has been sending me it from America... and good on you for stocking the babies range - I can't find it in any of the Auckland stores!"
- Kylie

"Thank You so very much for my order - As always the service is fantastic - will always be my most favorite stop when visiting Raglan."
- Karina

"Thankyou so much for the flower remedies: my son has gone from being the 'shy guy' on the rugby field to the player of the day!"
- Gavin

"The Antipodes Jubilation Ultra Nourishing Body Cream just seems to be the best for my skin"
- Ruth

"I need some more chickweed ointment - I seem to be always giving mine away!"

"Joeclyn and team,  thank you very much. Recieved my first fruit box today. Everything looks awesome and best thing is it is all organic. Super happy customer will be coming again for more. Cheers a bunch."
- Brenda

"Can we please have some more of your healing blend cream: My husband had a funny thing on his leg which it healed, it is absolutely amazing"
- Naomi

"The comvita Derma Cream cleared my eczema in 1 day: after trying all sorts of other products on my face, it is amazing"
- Gay

Hi Chantal, Bronwyn, Jocelyn, and Karen, thank your for your newsletter, it made interesting reading.  I live in Hamilton, but when I am next in Raglan will certainly call in at your herbal shop. 
Thank you once again for your newsletter.

- Adrienne.
Hi Bronwyn,
Yeah! Congratulations on your first newsletter! Well done.
Great newsletter! Very informative, well laid out and friendly feel. I like the pics to break up the text. I was just talking to my Dad about Zinc last night too!

- Steph

Hi there,
My order arrived early this morning, amazing!!!!! Thank you so much
- Julie

"Your healing blend cream is amazing, really it has transformed my babies life, I am telling everyone about it" -  Chantal

"The herbs are fantastic, it is so good to feel like a normal person again"
- Pip

"Thank you Bronwyn for the Healing Blend Cream, it seems to be very effective for those little scrapes and cuts etc. We are enjoying this lovely Autumn, hope you are too". 
- Naomi

"Thank you so much for the great service. I will definitely shop with you again "
- Linda

"Hi Bronwyn
Thank you for the very prompt delivery of my Burt's Bees products, they arrived first thing this morning, well wrapped and in perfect condition.
Thank you also for the brochure and sample of the healing cream which I will certainly try out."

- Allan

"Hi Nicola and Bronwyn,
My red lipstick arrived first thing this morning very safely packaged!  Thank you both for your kind help.
With very kind regards,"

- Caroline

"Nettle Tea arrived safe & sound - & very fast delivery.
We love your nettle. It is by far the best we have tasted.
Many thanks."

- Andrew
Fantastic service, thank you :-) 

Wow!  That was tremendous postal service  as we received the package this morning.  Thank you so very much!
Kind regards,

Read about results with our Pregnancy Tea
Hi there,
 I brought your pregnancy tea a few months ago it had withania, nettle and raspberry leaf.
I have actually had amazing results (and being in my final year as a naturopath and herbalist I know it must be from those wonderful blood boosting herbs)...
I had low platelets levels before pregnancy, im now 25 weeks and they have been monitoring me every 4 weeks as they tend to drop further in pregnancy. Was sent to Middlemore to do one last test before I was sent to specialist. After drinking loads of the tea, and sometimes extra nettle, my platelets had doubled. I know it must have been the tea, as nothing else I was doing was different.
So thank you so much, now I get to choose where I birth! And it tastes so delicious too.

"Bronwyn, I have to tell you that over the last month, since taking the herbal formula my skin has cleared and my flare-ups have reduced dramatically. I would like a repeat of the herbs please"

"Your skin repair cream is the best, I use it on everything and love it as a face cream, it works a treat on my fine lines"

"I've had a bottle of bronc ease for my cough, which worked a treat, it's the only thing that works for me"

"Can you please send us a bottle of your head lice oil, we bought it years ago, and liked it....."