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About Us

The Herbal Dispensary Shop & Clinic

At The Herbal Dispensary in Raglan, we are passionate about assisting you and your family to achieve optimum health and vitality. We promote a holistic approach to natural health, providing you with unique, quality practitioner-only products and services.

We invite you to shop here at our online store and to visit our purpose built shop in Raglan, on the wild west coast.  Raglan is in the Waikato district and is a short drive from Hamilton city. Once here you'll enjoy relaxing in our herb garden and, if you ring ahead of time you can consult with one of our qualified natural health Practitioners. 

Our professional team has a combined experience of over 35 years and you'll find we can assist you to resolve most health issues and to achieve your health goals. We've been providing many options for healthy living and lifestyle choices at the Herbal Dispensary in Raglan since 1997 and now you can get the same service via our website.

With practitioners qualified in naturopathy and medical herbalism, and access to a variety of extensive diagnostic tools we have all the resources to assist you in overcoming illness or maintaining vitality and wellbeing.

The Team

  • Fully qualified: Medical Herbalist / Naturopath/ Beauty therapist
  • Experienced: 35 years combined experience
  • Committed to sharing their knowledge: In store workshops information evenings are held regularly
  • Work within the store and clinic: So you get professional advice no matter what
Our team work both as practitioners and in our shop. This means that we provide you with the best quality advice at all times. We can prescribe practitioner only products from our Dispensary or should more extensive intervention be necessary we can also see you for a private consultation.

Our Aims

Our aims are to  give you the best possible healthy outcome while empowering you to have an active role in your own health and well-being. We encourage you to take a look at your health, your families health and take advantage of our skills to engage in a health and wellness plan. We also have visiting specialists and work closely with other practitioners in Raglan and beyond.

Why Practitioner only products?

By working with practitioner only products we believe to be the best available worldwide, we can guarantee quality and efficiency of the products that we prescribe. We constantly update and expand our Dispensary to offer you the best Herbal Medicine and Natural Health products available.


The Herbal Dispensary and Natural Health

You may choose to self serve in the shop or to seek help and advice from one of our qualified staff.
We can help you "over the counter" and prescribe the appropriate medication as needed.
Over the counter prescriptions are appropriate for acute, or short term illness.
We will ask you about previous and/ or serious health issues, existing medications, and also about your diet and lifestyle choices.

Your various treatment options will then be offered and may include an individualised herbal formula, homoeopathic remedies, nutritional supplements, herbal teas, flower essence's and or herbal creams as appropriate. 

If your health conditions are long standing, or are of a more complex nature, we would strongly recommend a consultation with one of our fully qualified staff in our Nourish Clinic

Nourish Clinic

The Nourish Health Clinic is situated within The Herbal Dispensary and provides an option for one on one consultation and health care for you or a member of your family. We suggest a consultation with one of our staff, if health issues are complex, long standing or if other medication is being used.
To read more about Nourish Health Clinic and the services we offer see here.

The Shop

The shop has an extensive and dynamic range of herbal and natural medicines, organic food items, natural skincare and haircare, herbal tea blends, green teas, tea pots, organic vegetable and herb seeds.
Eco houseware including plastic free options, organic cotton bags, swags, nut bags, toothbrushes , eco floss and straws.
Included in the extensive foodie range are organic bulk and pre packed dry goods, baking flours, gluten free products, spices, spreads, organic olive oils, coconut oils.
Cheeses, yogurts, tofu and tempeh are always in-store. Fresh artisan sourdough bread is delivered daily, and a range of gluten free bread is available.

Our range of natural skincare, haircare and cosmetics is extensive, including our in-house brand, which we have been making for over 21 years. 

We put a lot of care into selecting quality gifts and eco friendly products to go in our shop, many of which are not listed on our website, so if you are in Raglan call in and see our ever changing collection.